Jake Sherman Returns

by Jake Sherman

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released October 27, 2016


all rights reserved



Jake Sherman Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Let's Be Friends
Here we go
Hazy on a hot day
Water bright
At the shore
Sitting with our thoughts but
It’s all right
And the trees
Calm us and connect
Sun peeks through
Time to swim
Never been more alive and
Close to you

It feels so right I’ll just sit still
Remember this I always will
A pity that each moment drifts away again
Let’s be friends

Walking home
People from the side have
A different way of living life
It’s nothing to be afraid of
Now I know, I will try
To bring the colors back when
The day is through
But for now
I’ll just have to memorize ‘em
And be with you

It feels so right I’ll just sit still
Remember this I always will
A pity that each moment drifts away again
Let’s be friends

Let’s continue as today comes to an end
Let’s be open, fair, and always genuine

Floating in a daydream, that’s the time
Take a look around and clear my mind
Anything you need here you can find
Soak up what you can and let it shine
Even when you think it’s time to go
If you have a muffin, then you’ll know
When I start to feel that it’s pretend
I can always remember
Let’s be friends
Track Name: Quiet All Day
Why are you scared of alone
So much to do
When you’re not sleeping
Silence is golden they say
But you talk away
It’s only human

And I can let the hours fly
And sometimes it’s well into the night
That I notice I’ve been quiet all day
But that’s cause I want it that way

Too much time on the run
Searching for fun
You’ll never find it
Here in a room by yourself
You can find wealth
And piece of mind if

You learn to clear your head
And realize instead of your friends
It’s just you who can make your day
But you'll never see it that way

And after awhile
What is a smile what’s a joke
If it’s not even spoken aloud

I’ll write it down
Because I have to admit
I just want to tell it to you
I guess you’re the wise one, who knew?
Track Name: Say And Mean
There’s better ways but they’re too hard I guess
And how can you argue with success
Just don’t include me in your mess
Although I’m tempted
I still believe the clock will set things straight
And by then you’ll be too late
But don’t blame your life on fate
This was to be expected

I know the secret doors
That I live for
Will only open if
There’s no divide between
Say and mean
So just come clean

Why don’t they realize
Can they not see it in your eyes
Years and years of these white lies
Will change their color
Just because you want to get ahead
You will leave the truth unsaid
But it’s you who are misled
You’re just another

I know the secret doors
That I live for
Will only open if
There’s no divide between
Say and mean
So just come clean

I know I won’t regret
‘Cause these words haven’t failed me yet
But if just once I forget
There’ll be no excuses
So let’s stick to this it’s worked so far
It doesn’t matter who you are
Just tell the truth don’t play the card
And you’ll never fall too hard
Track Name: They Sent You
I’m shredding all the papers
I’m fixing up the room
I’m throwing all my pictures in the trash
Nothing like starting anew

Packed a bag with new belongings
New passport new ID
And for the first time in a hundred years

I’ll be set free
Forever finally
I’ll still be me in a certain way
Quietly a new identity

Down the street from my new building
‘Cross the water from my past
A face I haven’t seen in years
Catches my eye and laughs

I have to go
Wish I could talk more, but you won’t understand
Maybe I do recognize

And it’s you, it’s you, of course it’s you
But if you could just do one thing for me
There’s a reason that I disappeared
So pretend you never saw me
There’s too much to explain right now but this has been forced on me, oh oh

I could have walked away that day
Now there’s not much I can do
I know they’re getting closer all the time
‘Cause they sent you
Track Name: Can't Say We Didn't Try
We had just signed on and we knew that we could save the world
We were on our way to the day that we’d be heroes
I said my goodbyes, people didn’t understand
Dried their eyes, wed see them in the promised land
Sacrifice, we knew it was the end for them, oh oh oh

On a journey away from home to find somewhere to call our own
Prolong the race somewhere in space
Cant say we didn’t try

Kept our spirits high, but we knew that we had time to kill
We believed in God and we knew that this was his will
I looked at the time, twelve o’ clock since months ago
Moving fast? With no light it’s hard to know
Did what we could not to let our sinking feelings grow oh oh oh

On a journey away from home the power’s blown and we’re alone
We look around without a sound
Can’t say we didn’t try

Ooh ooh ooh ooh they said it’s compromise
Ooh ooh ooh ooh did they know what we’d find?
Ooh ooh ooh ooh and as the radio died
Ooh ooh ooh ooh we knew that they had lied

And they’ll find us light years away
We’re on display frozen in space
They’ll bring us back, through seas of black
Can’t say we didn’t try, Cant say we didn’t try
Track Name: We Will
Hold me now and you will hear
The softest whisper in your ear
So listen to each syllable I say
Close your eyes, don’t be upset
‘Cause nothing bad has happened yet
But you should know I’m moving far away

All we know is right now nothing could be better
But when I go, you’ll stay here
And although, you think it lasts forever
We’ll disappear

Here we are, the sun is up
A smile, a sigh, an empty cup
And with a hug you turn and walk away
Coincidence, or is it art?
A road directly to the heart
Was drafted and constructed in a day

I’ll look once more to make sure I remember
You’ll turn around and you’ll stand still
We’ll meet again, some time in the future
Somewhere, somehow, we will

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